Erica Brookhart



So Fly Kids

Erica is the co-founder and artistic director of Los Angeles based company, So Fly Kids, a children's enrichment program and dance studio.

The Michael Jackson Experience

Erica toured various countries and US states as a dancer in The Michael Jackson Experience. They performed in  Hong Kong to an audience of 5000. 

A Static Lullaby Music Video

Look for Erica in the A Static Lullaby’s “Toxic” Music Video. The video was playing on MTV2 and was on the front page of

Jerk/Cool commercial

Erica appeared as the lead actor in a Jerk/Cool commercial airing in several Scandanavian countries.

Arizona Jeans commercial

This commercial was shot on location in the Grand Canyon over one weekend, with 2 actors (Erica and Matthew Troyer) and a full crew. Many of the shots were done aerially from a helicopter.

Bad Date LA blog

Erica started a blog in 2008 as a result of her many dating stories in Los Angeles.  It became a quick hit with her readers.